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The SteriShell Toothbrush Protector is a unique, simple-to-use (no electronics, wires or batteries) toothbrush protector that also kills germs / bacteria that are commonly found on ALL toothbrushes irrespective of where it may be stored or used world-wide.
This product is being introduced for the first time in India by SteriShell ™ as an affordable and hassle-free klip-on type toothbrush protector.
It is a well-established and well-researched fact that ALL toothbrush bristles get contaminated by micro-bacteria / germs that float out of toilet pots (micro feces particles), insects, pets, other infected toiletries, soap, dirt, hair, cleaning agents, chemicals used to clean bathrooms / toilets, etc. These micro-bacteria cannot be seen by the human eye and do not die and cannot be washed away by toothbrush washing. Daily while brushing teeth, these micro-organisms infect the teeth, gums and tongue and eventually find their way into the body and can lead to ill-health, especially in young children.
Keeping your toothbrush protected, bacteria-free, fresh and clean is absolutely essential.
– The STERISHELL toothbrush protector is designed to accommodate all types and sizes of toothbrushes.
– The SHELL which clips on to any toothbrush contains 2 vapour pads (containing a specially prepared compound from all-natural bacteria-killing ingredients like – clove-oil, lemon-oil, thyme, peppermint) that continuously emit bacteria-killing vapor on to your toothbrush bristles.
– The firmly shutting SHELL (made from BPA-free plastic) itself does not allow any outside germs or micro-organisms to attack or infect your toothbrush, keeping it secure, safe, fresh and clean at all times.
– To be used as a good habit by all members of the family ages 3 onwards.
– Must have when travelling for short distances or long travel (imagine what happens to your toothbrush when kept unprotected while travelling!)
– Must have if there are pets at home.
– Must have when toilets / bathrooms are used by more than one person (micro feces particles travel up to 9 feet when a pot is flushed).
Each STERISHELL toothbrush protector lasts for 4 months of continuous use. It is recommended to throw away the old protector between 110 and 120 days use after opening the tamper-proof packing and commencing use and replace with a fresh SteriShell toothbrush protector.
Buying is easy and affordable. Simply buy online at (click here) with many payment option including cash on delivery. Very quick and low-cost home delivery. Or visit any of the retail outlets listed on this website.
Each STERISHELL toothbrush protector contains a specially prepared and safe compound from all-natural ingredients containing : Clove oil, peppermint oil, thyme oil, lemon oil.
Yes, the ingredients in the vapour pads and the BPA-free plastic shell protector are absolutely safe for children and adults of all ages. It may be noted that no part of the toothbrush protector ever comes in to contact with any part of the human body.
While the size of the SteriShell toothbrush protector is such that a child under 5 cannot swallow it, parental supervision is recommended as a normal matter. .
Its simple; (no electronics, no wires no batteries!)
– Open the tamper-proof packing and take out the unique shell-shaped SteriShell toothbrush protector.
– Just kilp it on to the bristles head of your toothbrush (fits all sizes and types of toothbrushes)
– To brush your teeth, unclip your toothbrush from the Shell, rinse with water and apply toothpaste and brush your teeth as usual.
– After brushing, tap-off excess water from your toothbrush and Klip-on the SteriShell toothbrush protector again on your toothbrush head bristles and store as usual.
Within 2 days of buying the product, send an email to stating;
a. Date of purchase and Invoice number (if you do not have the invoice, its ok)
b. From where you purchased the product (i.e. from our website, name of e-commerce website, name of retailer, etc).
c. Colour of the SteriShell toothbrush protector (so that we can replace with the correct colour, subject to availability)
d. Your name, address, email ID and phone/mobile number.
We will respond to you in 48 hours.
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